If Daria and Mr Darcy had a love child, I would be the result! I’m Liz, and this my personal blog, Mumstrosity. I’ve been blogging since 2009 about my adventures and mishaps of motherhood. Living in ‘country’ Victoria (Australia) I was pretty bored at home and used to blog an awful lot. I quietly slipped off the face of the blogosphere at the start of 2013 after having a not-so-quiet breakdown of my relationship, other personal struggles including health issues and the ever prominent social anxiety. Now I’m back  with a new outlook on life, reloaded and ready to get my blog back on!

About Me

I’m a solo parent to 4 amazing little kidlets, one with autism; I run an online children’s wear store, do freelance web design and admin, am a co-founder of an Australian not-for-profit organisation, I drink coffee and vodka, play roller derby, am a bit of a geek and have recently started scrubbing toilets for extra cash.

What and Who do you write about?

I write about what’s going on in my life, and things I think are important (in my own coffee cup). From time to time I may do sponsored posts and giveaways.

Blog Key

Often I write about my kids etc. so here’s a key to deciphering what and who I’m on about. Which I’ll update as I go :)

C – The first born, girl child

T – The second born, boy child

E – The third born, boy child

B – The fourth born, boy child

Why “A storm in a Coffee Cup”?

I tend to make a big deal out of not-so-important things and often stress myself out.

Admittedly, I take myself for granted sometimes. I’ve got all these things going for me, but I tend to hide away in my coffee cup.