Dating Tips for Single Moms Searching for Love

Dating Tips for Single Moms Searching for Love

Though it can be hard to believe, single moms can have a dating life. It can be tough because it seems like spare time is largely missing from the schedule and exhaustion at the end of a day working and caring for kids is expected. This is not exactly a recipe for romance. I mean if single moms are honest, they are not feeling all that sexy when “let’s snuggle” has largely meant reading a toddler a book before a nap. It can feel impossible to find energy to date when your kids are a priority each night and there is no relief team to offer a break from the 24/7 parenting that is necessary. The good news is that single mothers do not have to give up hope. Those looking to add love and romance to their lives still have hope. Below are some simple strategies to help you have fun, play the field, and still make sure your child is at ease when a guy enters your life.

Decide If You are Truly Ready

There is no need to rush into anything and most single moms are hesitant about jumping back into dating anyway. Whether not being able to find someone willing to care for another man’s child or trying to find someone special following a divorce, it can be tough. Make sure you are mentally ready to start dating before really starting to look for love.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Transitioning to life as a single mother is watching while your previously built-in social life of coupled or married friends seems to vanish. So, the first step is to get back into a social network which is not all that easy. Start with situations that may be a little outside your comfort zone because your life does not end as a single mother. Enjoy yourself safely, but be willing to step outside what may be your norm.

Better Ways to Meet Someone

Online dating has actually made it easier for single moms because you can get through the get to know you stage without being away from your children. You can also determine if something feels off or no chemistry exists from your home. Another option is to explore some hobbies or activities you enjoy to meet new people. Start playing on a community sports team, join a gym, or take up flying a kite and see who you meet along the way. Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people because you already know you have something in common and can spend time together without it being uncomfortable.


Do not be afraid to make the first move because life is too short not to take the opportunity. The worst that will happen is someone will say, “No.” You can meet guys anywhere, the park, the grocery store, on the train, the possibilities are only limited by where you are.

Start Small

Take it slow when entering the dating world. There is no need to jump into a week long vacation with someone. Instead, go on short dates at first so you can keep your children the priority.

Trust Things to Happen in the Right Time

It may take some time, but you will meet someone if you are willing. Even if you are not actively trying to meet someone, make friends and see if anything develops. You never know what you want if you do not try.

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