What to Do to Make Your Relationship with Your Narcissist Partner Work

Make Your Relationship

Being with a narcissist is something that is not easy. This kind of relationship is hard to get out of but if you can and you can move forward, you might be better off in life.

Some people do not find this to be an option for them and this is often because they have a hard time making it on their own or because they have children and things that they have to share.

Having a relationship with a narcissist is possible but it is hard, and it will wear you out fast. If you decide to stay in this relationship, chances are that you will not know who you are and you will end up being hurt and heartbroken in the end.

Being with a Narcissist

When someone is with a narcissist, they often hear that they need to get out of the relationship as fast as they can. People in these kinds of relationships are often abused and even though they want to leave, this is often hard because they are married or because they have children together. Instead of hurting other people along the way, some people decide to just stay and bear the problems.

It is possible for someone to stay with a narcissist, but the truth is, you will probably be the one that suffers in the end. This relationship will wear you out and will cause you to be tired in your mind and your body.

A narcissist will cause you to lose who you are, and you will be overly emotional while they treat you like you are garbage.

Some Affection

People often feel that their partner is a good person on the inside and sometimes this is true. A narcissist will be kind sometimes, especially at the beginning where they show the side of themselves that is sweet and kind. Later though, they will start to show who they really are and even if they give some affection, there is likely abuse in between.  Some people stay because of the bouts of affection that they get.

If the victim is living with an abuser, if they choose to stay, they need to figure out how to make the relationship work. This kind of relationship might not ever be healthy.

Lots of Sacrifice

If you live with a narcissist and you choose to stay, chances are that you will have to make a lot of sacrifices in order to stay in the relationship. You will have to accept that your partner is going to lie to you, gaslight you and treat you wrongly. They will never see their wrongs.

A narcissist will only be happy if you learn to accept whatever they tell you as truth and if you choose not to, they will be angry with you. Even if you do whatever this person asks you to do, chances are they will never tell you thank you or treat you good for your behavior.

They will make you do whatever they want you to do and if you don’t, they will talk to you poorly and they will be angry at you.

If you make plans, they will want to do something different and if you tell them you want to do what you want, they will make you feel needy or that you are overly demanding of them.

Tapping You Out

Narcissists will always blame you, even for their own actions. They will make you take the blame, and they will call you names and belittle you. They will make you feel bad for everything that you do in your life.

You need to be prepared for them to blame you for everything wrong that happens and they will tell you how dumb your ideas are and your interests. They will want you to be someone that you aren’t.

They will make you think that if you loved them then you would change things such as your career or who you are hanging out with. Your whole life will have to revolve around them.

A narcissist will make you spend your money on them, and they will not care how much you have to work.

Trust Issues

Narcissists do not trust anyone and even if you prove yourself over and over again, they will never believe you. They will want to know what you are doing at every second in your life.

They will follow you or track you and they will look in your phone or on your computer to see what you are doing and who you are talking to.

This kind of person is often an addict of drugs or alcohol and they often abuse people when they are pushed too far.

The bad habits that they have make it hard for them to keep a job and for them to have friends. You will spend much of your time making excuses for them and trying to get them out of trouble.

They will tell you how great you are and will lure you in but when you let your guard down, they will make you feel bad for who you are.


No one is sure if a narcissist really wants to hurt their partner and they often have had to deal with bad things from their childhood. Their behavior is hard to understand and if you try, they will lash out at you for getting in their business.

There will be very few happy times with someone of this personality and even on your best days, these will be when your partner is getting off of their drug high.

The days that they are in bed and cannot get out of bed will be the days that you love the best because these are the days that make you feel safe.

This is the kind of love that you will have from a narcissist.

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