Toxic Relationships that can Ruin Your Life

Toxic Relationships that can Ruin Your Life

Dating means that you hope and think that your partner is perfect for you but what happens when the honeymoon time ends, and you see who the person really is? People do not always show their real character and when you fall for them, there are things that you will want to know about them.

There are some people that will be toxic in your life and when you want to be with them, you need to look at their behavior and see if they are meant for you.


Someone that is addicted to things in their life struggle. If you are dating someone that is addicted to drugs, alcohol or even things such as shopping or food, you might have a hard time loving them when you see their real selves.

An addict usually will try to deny their addiction but as soon as you see them with their object of affection, they will become more aggressive in what they love. Pay attention to the things your partner does and what makes them feel sad or upset. Does their self-esteem depend on their addiction of choice? The way that they react to things they are addicted to will tell you much and you need to listen for the signs.


People are often violent and will not show this till later in the relationship. If they start out as nice and kind but then they become abusive, you need to get away from them.

Ask your partner why they broke up with their past relationships. If they say things that are not good about their partner, then chances are they are an abuser. They may never admit this, but you will see the signs.


We all need someone we can talk to and depend on but when you are dating someone that constantly whines, you will have a hard time dealing with them.

These people are generally hard to keep happy and they often feel that they are the victim in all situations. When you date someone like this, you will need to stop their complaining and show them that you do not want to hear it anymore.

This can be like a hobby and if you don’t stop it then you will start acting like them.


We all have an inner child but that is different than being childish about things. Do not let people act like a child or you will act like a parent.

People that are adults and acting childish will have a hard time being responsible in both their careers and in their relationships.

Emotionally Unavailable

Some people have a hard time showing their emotions because it makes them feel weak. They want to show love, but they have a hard time. This can be a sign that they are not emotionally available to you.

This can also show you that your partner is not really ready for a relationship and they don’t care if you are happy or not. If someone tells you that their emotions are complicated, take this as a sign. Do not try to improve the relationship but try to move on.


A narcissist is someone that will act a certain way at first but then will do whatever they can to make you feel crazy or make you feel bad. They are only there to take care of themselves and they will prove that to you over and over again.


Some people are perfectionists, and they have a hard time dealing with others that aren’t. Perfectionists will criticize you and make you feel bad when you mess up or don’t do what they expect you should do.

These people will tell you that things are fine, but they will not really mean it and you will be miserable trying to live up to their expectations.

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