How to Not Panic When Seeing Your Ex

Not Panic When Seeing Your Ex

Most women dread the idea of running into their ex at any given moment. They especially hate the idea of it when they finally get over them or at least are making progress in moving on. The last thing you need is to have to face this person that broke your heart. This can be uncomfortable and can ruin your day. Here are some ways that you can be prepared if you run into your ex:


You have to stay calm if you run into your ex. Do not just stare at them but do not run out either like they have won in your life. You aren’t with this person anymore and so what is there to be afraid of?

Know He is There

When you see your ex, let him know that you know he is there. This can make you look confident and make you not feel awkward. This can also show him that you no longer want him and that you are not bitter towards him or unforgiving.

Chances are that he will either talk to you or he will ignore you but no matter how he acts, at least you are showing your good side.

Don’t Assume

If you are ever going to be kind to your ex or be able to have a conversation with him, you will not be able to just assume what he is saying means something else. Just accept things how they come out and do not allow it to get into your head.

Just Say Hey

Just because you see your ex doesn’t mean that you have to tell him stuff about you. The relationship is over, and you need to just say hey and then move on.

Stay Cool

Even if you are mad at him still, you don’t want to look like the crazy ex that he just ran into. You also want to make sure that you are calm in case he is around other people.

Show him that you are calm and over him and you will see that at least you do not regret things later.

The Past

Do not try to bring up the past with your ex. You are not with him anymore and you are not going to get back with him just by talking about how happy you were.

Let things be and learn to take care of yourself and to move on.

Fake It

Even if you are not happy or you are upset when you see your ex, do not let them know that. Show them you are strong and smile at them. Show confidence and do not let your anger seep in.

Go Out

Stop allowing the break up to hold you down. Forget what you had and find something new. Have a conversation with yourself and learn to find what you are important for and what you are meant to do in your life.

Go Your Own Way

Keep walking away form your ex and do not look back. Do not go back to him or be afraid that letting go of him will ruin your life. You will only be better for it.

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