How to Know if He Likes You

How to Know if He Likes You

You might be one of those people that are always wondering if the person you like likes you back. Maybe you are in friendships and you wonder where those relationships stand too.

Where you went in life might have always been changing and you might have wondered if anyone was ever there for you or not.

Maybe you didn’t know who you were or what you were able to do and you wanted people to always validate you and to make you feel better.

Chances are that you felt a lot of emotions such as jealousy or pain and you were not aware of the red flags that people gave you when you dated them. You may have even blamed yourself every time things went wrong.

Why Ask?

Why should you have to ask if someone likes you or not? Maybe you have dated someone that never was able to show you love and you were in toxic relationships.

You may have had a lot of anxiety and you might have had mixed signals given from people you were dating. There are many therapists and coaches that have shown us that this is normal for most people.

Most of us will make excuses because we are looking to feel better and to feel that we are good enough and therefore we ignore much of the behaviors around us.

After we waste a lot of our lives wondering if someone likes us, we finally learn to face the idea and protect ourselves so that we can move forward in life.

Sometimes we make things more complicated than they really are and when you are in a relationship, you should have a gut feeling if the person likes you or not. You should know the triggers and not obsess your thoughts on if they like you or not.

Signs He Likes You

Here are some signs he likes you:

  • He puts you first, you are a priority in his life.
  • You never feel stressed or anxious about telling him how you feel.
  • You don’t have to worry about him ghosting you, putting you down or disrespecting you.
  • He makes no drama in your life.
  • He doesn’t make you feel bad for things you do.
  • He doesn’t push your buttons or make triggers in your life.
  • He gives you attention and you don’t have to compete with others.
  • He shows you love and support.
  • He is always the same.
  • He doesn’t pretend he wants something today and change his mind tomorrow.
  • He shows action.
  • He wants to know more about you.
  • He tells you to get off all the dating apps and he will do the same.
  • He is interested in being your man.
  • He treats you the same no matter who he is with.
  • He calls and texts you all the time.
  • You don’t have crazy boundaries that scare him away.
  • He never keeps secrets.
  • He doesn’t flirt with other women.
  • You have a strong relationship with him, and it is getting stronger.
  • He doesn’t treat you like a chance.
  • He is respectful to his exes, but he tells you what he tells them.
  • He always plans things in advance with you.
  • He isn’t possessive of you.
  • It doesn’t take threatening to leave him for him to act right.
  • He says when he has messed up.
  • He doesn’t blame everyone else for things he does wrong.
  • He is clear about what he wants.
  • You are always his priority and he is never too busy for you.
  • He doesn’t make you feel insecure.
  • He doesn’t put you down when you are hurting.
  • He doesn’t use your past against you.

You will know when someone really likes you because they will always be the same. They will always show you who they are.

They will show you how interested they are in you and they will be with you because of who you are and not because of what you do. They will love you no matter what you do, and you will not be able to self-sabotage this relationship because it will be strong.

You deserve to be with someone that loves you and cares about who you are.

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