Do You Have a Pure Heart?

Pure Heart

A person that has a pure heart is someone that wants to see other people feel safe and loved and they overlook the faults of others without judging or being mean. They aren’t always perfect, but they do want to do what is best and do the right thing.

Here are some signs that you have a pure heart:

  • Honesty

People that have a pure heart believe that honesty is important. They find it important because they want to trust people. They want to know that you are someone good that they can trust.

Honesty says a lot about who you are and if someone isn’t honest, they don’t always follow through or they don’t always tell the truth when you ask them.

  • Judging

A person with a pure heart is someone that doesn’t unfairly judge others. They will be honest and truthful, and they will talk to you without judging you for what you say. They will listen to you, and they will do what they can to help you.

  • They Don’t Always Have the Same Answer

Even if they understand you and want to help you, they will admit when they aren’t able to. They will see that not every kind of advice is going to be the best advice and they will try and help you to the best of their abilities.

  • Saying Nice Things

Having a pure heart is a thing that not everyone gets a chance to see. Someone with this kind of heart is wise about what they say. They know that emotions can be strong and sometimes they say things wrong, but they do their best to watch their words.

They choose the things that they say wisely and if they say something wrong then they apologize for it.

  • Listening

This kind of person will do their best to listen to what you have to say. They won’t push their thoughts or what they have to say on you, but they will listen to you. They will be good listeners and will do what it takes to help you through things and to show you compassion.

  • Caring for Other People

People that have a pure heart will put others first and they will make sure that those around them are taken care of. They will do what they can to encourage them and to love them.

  • Being Responsible

When a person with a pure heart messes up, they will apologize and take responsibility for their actions. They will admit when they do something wrong, and they will be a real friend.

  • Making Right Choices

A pure heart means that you are doing things for the right reasons. You make choices to make things better and not to get something out of it. A pure heart is someone that is caring and selfless. They will make positive changes in their life to be kinder and to not be selfish.

  • Humble

Those with a pure heart are people that are humble. They don’t show themselves off and they aren’t braggarts. They care about others, and they do things without wanting anything in return. They don’t compare themselves with others and when someone is feeling bad, they will help to change their mindset.

This kind of person is open-minded and will learn to love, grow, and learn.

  • Accountability

Those with a pure heart are people that are accountable for their actions. When someone messes up, they forgive them. They know that everyone makes mistakes, even themselves, and when they do, they tell them that they made a mistake, and they try to fix it.

  • Strong Empathy

This kind of person will have empathy for others. They will feel their emotions and they will care about what someone is going through. They will understand what they are dealing with and will try to encourage them.

  • Kind

A pure heart is someone that is kind to others and kind to themselves. They know that everyone goes through suffering, and they try their best to not bring any of their own on people. They will practice kindness and will do good things for others.

  • Loving

A pure heart is a loving heart. This means that they love others, and they love themselves. They will show their love for others by giving, helping, and talking to them and being compassionate.

They will have self-love and will show this by eating right, exercising, and forgiving themselves for making mistakes.

  • Thankfulness

A pure heart is someone that is thankful for what they have and for what others do for them. They don’t forget the blessings that others have bestowed upon them, and they are always ready to give space for others. They are positive even when things are hard.

  • Giving

Someone with a pure heart is giving. They want others to have nice things and they want to see other people happy. They will donate their time and their money, and they will help those that are in need. They will do this because they want to and not to get anything in return.

  • Funny

Pure hearted people are funny, and they love to laugh. They will say things to make you have happy feelings and they are great at telling jokes, or at least they try to be.

  • Compassionate

A compassionate person is one with a pure heart. They will show love and care to others, and they will give their time and listen to others. They will help those with problems when they can, and they will show everyone that they have compassion and kindness.

  • Forgiveness

People that have a pure heart are forgiving when they get hurt. They give grace to others, and they do what they can to keep the peace. They will let go of the things that have hurt them and they will have peace when things are hard.

  • Wanting the Best

These people want the best for everyone around them. They want everyone to have a good friend and to have what they want and need. They want people to be successful.

  • Not Jealous

A pure hearted person is not jealous of others, but they root for them. They admire those people around them, and they are excited when someone reaches their dreams or goals.

  • Conflict Dealings

These people are able to take conflicts and to deal with them in a positive way. When there are problems, they will help to resolve them. They don’t want to fight, and they want to make things peaceful and good.

Final Thoughts

A person with a pure heart is someone that is gifted and someone that is rare. This is a person that has a heart for others, and they are kind and giving. They see life as a joyful thing and instead of bringing hurt into the world, they bring love and compassion.

They see that there is a benefit to knowing people and they will accept anyone that comes in their path.

In order to be this person, it is important that you learn to love yourself first. Once you can love yourself, you can love others.  You can change a relationship that is struggling to something good by being compassionate and forgiving. You can love yourself more and you can see that as you learn to love yourself more, you can love others even more.

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