Why You Should Wait for True Love

Why You Should Wait for True Love

Relationships will normally start out good and then chances are that they will go the other way and bring unhappiness into your life.

There are many people that go into relationships and stay even though they are unhappy because they feel that they are or were in love and they do not want to be the one to leave.

A relationship that is not flourishing can cause you to be unhealthy and can cause you to have a dysfunctional life.

When you find yourself in a breakup, you have to realize that you have to learn to be single again. You might find that you no longer have a chance for love, and you might feel that you are too broken to love another.

People can have good relationships and marriages, but it is important to know that marriage is hard. You must learn to be happy in your own life and honest so that you and your partner can thrive together. When you can be in a relationship and be happy most of the time with them just like you are most of the time alone, you may have found the perfect partner.

Some people find it hard that they could be happy most of the time rather they were with someone or not. Do you believe that finding love is something that can actually happen? If you find that this is a strange thing, you need to realize that being happy 90% of the time is something that you can really have.

You have to find someone in your life that you are happy with most of the time and this can help you to have a healthy and good relationship.

Here are some things that can make your relationship better:


Find someone that you can trust and someone that you can believe in. You need to be close to this person and be able to communicate with them and if you cannot trust each other, the relationship will never work.


Be with someone that you can make memories with. Learn to do things together and have fun in everything you do. Travel together and laugh together.

Put Important Things First

No matter what is going on in your life, make your partner a priority. Learn to make sure that you aren’t taking advantage of your partner or vice versa.

Don’t Stop

Never stop thinking about your partner. Think about them all the time and give them reasons to think about you.

Best Friends

Your partner should be your best friend. You should tell each other everything. You should share with each other when things are happy or when they are sad. Tell each other all about your day and what is going on in your life.


If you have a partner that you friends and family love, embrace this. Let this be an advantage for you.

Protecting You

Your partner should always be there for you and should be your biggest supporter. They should cheer you on and stand by you no matter what happens. This should happen both ways.

Being You

Having a good relationship means that your partner will love you just the way that you are. They will like you when you are emotional or sad or when you are happy and silly.

The different things about you will make you special and you should be their favorite person ever. They should never want to change you.

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