What is Real Love?

Real Love

We all want to have love and being in love is amazing but being in love is not enough and it is not all you need. Even if you fall in love, have children and you do whatever you can to be in the perfect relationship, you have to know that love is often misunderstood.

People often look at love and idolize it and they think that love will solve all of the problems that they have, and this is not true. Love is not a cure for all of the problems that people have in their life. No matter what the movies or the songs tell you, life is a struggle rather there is love or not. When you think that love will fix everything in your life that is wrong, you cause your relationship to suffer.

When you think that all you need is love, you will not see the value in loving someone and you will forget to show them love and commitment. You will see that there is love and you will think that you don’t have to work hard to make it work.

When you look at love and see that it isn’t all you need, you will realize that you need to be passionate in love and that you need to have healthy relationships. You will realize that there is more in a relationship than just being in love. Knowing this will help you to have a successful relationship.

Truth About Love

When you think love is all you need, it causes there to be expectations that are not realistic. This means that you will ruin your relationship fast.

Love and Compatibility

Just because you fall in love with someone, it doesn’t mean that they will be the perfect partner for you. Love takes time and is a process and it is possible to love someone that makes you feel worse about who you are than you did before them. They might have a dysfunctional life and that will bring you down.

When you fall in love with someone that has different goals than you, you will not see their life the way that they do, and you will have a hard time being together.

You can fall in love with someone that takes away all of your happiness and even though it seems unreal, it is true.

When you think of all of the relationships that have failed, you see that they have entered into the relationship because they felt a spark. They felt emotions and they thought that the relationship was good but realized down the road that this was all wrong.

The relationship went wrong before it even started. You have to date someone not based on just your heart but also based on what your brain tells you. Even though someone might make you have butterflies, if you don’t know what their values are and how they treat others, you will be falling in love with someone that might not be compatible with you.

Love and Problems

When you meet someone, you love, you might be in a place where you have to deal with families that don’t like you, having no money and even drama.

When you fight with this person, you come back together, and you show how much you love each other and how much you will work on making things good. You will have love that makes you feel that you can work through your issues, but nothing will ever change.

None of the problems that you have will ever get better they will just get worse. You will feel that you cannot talk to each other and even when you talk, nothing important is ever said. This can last for years.

Love does not always win over everything else. Relationships can cause you to have to solve many problems. This can be a time where you feel better about yourself but that you have to figure out how to deal with the emotions that are up and down. This can be something that leaves you feeling that nothing will ever be good enough.

Love and Sacrifice

One thing about loving someone else is that you should love yourself enough to make sure they are meeting your needs. You should meet their need and they should meet yours. What are you sacrificing to be with this person? Do you feel that your sacrifice is worth it?

A relationship that is good is one that both people are willing to sacrifice their own needs to help each other. This is normal and this makes relationships amazing.

When you have to sacrifice things like your dignity, this becomes a problem. A loving relationship should make you stronger and let you have a strong self-identity. When you have to change yourself or be someone else, this is a relationship that can be abusive or disrespectful. You have to be careful.

Negative Behaviors and Best Friends

You should be best friends with your partner. If you aren’t, this will be a problem later. You should be able to talk with them and you should be able to tolerate their negative behaviors, but they should do the best to be less negative around you.

When you ask about your relationships, find out if you are being codependent with someone. If you love someone with all that is in you, you might realize that you are working hard to be with someone that you want to be happy with.

If someone has concerns about them, you might need to look at their concerns before you get to the point where you marry them or where you spend all of your life trying to please them. Do they respect you? Are they arrogant? Do they cook for you?

Being in a situation where you idealize love, and you forget to look for red flags will end up hurting you in the end. If you are not compatible with someone that you like, chances are that you will be in a relationship that will end up making you miserable. You will see that you are in a relationship where other people were right and where the relationship wasn’t what you thought it would be.

Do not tolerate bad behavior with someone that you are thinking of dating. Your partner should be your best friend and if your best friend refused to help you clean, refused to pay for their part of the meal or refused to cook for you when you were sick, that friendship would never last.

If you have someone that is jealousy and that is always spying on you, it will cause you to be in a toxic relationship that will never raise your self-esteem or make you feel good.

To really enjoy love, you have to enjoy your life. You can fall in love with people in your life that are both good for you and bad for you. You can fall in love in good ways or bad ways. You can fall in love when you are young or when you are old. Love is not something that just happens once, and it is not something that is special. It is not something that is hard to find.

Look at who you are. Self-respect is hard to find and when you lose your dignity to be with someone, you lose trust that people have for you. You lose your self-respect and your dignity, and these things are hard to get back. Never give up who you are or become someone untrustworthy just to be in a relationship.

Love should be a great thing, but it can also be a bad thing. You have to make sure that you do not let love identify who you are. Love should not be your life purpose. You cannot sacrifice your identity and your worth just to find love.

Let love find you that is good and do not lose yourself because there is more to life than just falling in love. Love is an exciting thing and is beautiful, but it is not enough to make you happy.

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