Finding a Way to Hookup When You Aren’t in a Relationship

Finding a Way to Hookup

Maybe you want to date but not be serious with someone. The dating culture is a place where you can go out and have fun and have physical fun without having to be tied down to someone.

Not everyone wants this in life and that is perfectly okay, but if you are one that wants to connect with other adults, but you don’t want to be tied down, that is up to you.

When you have changed and grown in your life, being in a relationship might not be what you are ready for.

There are ways that you can hookup with someone without having to settle into a relationship.

Healthy Mindset

The first thing that you need to make sure is that you are in a healthy state of mind. When you get physical with someone, it can cause there to be an attachment.

If you want to just hookup with someone, you need to make sure that you are in a good place in your mind. If you are wanting someone that will validate you or that you feel that you need this to feel better about yourself, this is not a good start.

Find joy in the process and figure out what you are really comfortable with before you start.


Make sure that you set boundaries that are strict and strong. Do this before you start hooking up with someone. You cannot make the boundaries later because this will be too hard.

If you set boundaries and then later you want to change them, that is fine. Do not have a confusion of a hook up and a relationship because you did not set the boundaries you were meant to set.

Online Dating

Take time to find new people online to date. You can do this without leaving your house and it can change the idea of traditional dating for you.

If you are looking for hookups, this is a great way to find them because people are always looking to hook up. Make sure you are being safe, and you are meeting at safe places.

Say Hi

Do not be afraid to talk to people just because you are on a dating app. This can be the first stage in hooking up and when you see someone you are interested in, just say hi to them. Introduce yourself and see how they respond.

Do not be afraid to approach someone for a first time and take a chance.

Communicate Openly

Tell the person you are talking to what you want. If you just want to hook up, make sure they know this so that they do not develop feelings for you. Since you are communicating, make sure that you tell them the reason behind hooking up and what you are looking for.

This can save people from getting hurt.


Make sure that you are keeping your actions with what you are saying. Do not get jealous if they go out with other people or suggest that you want something more than a hook up.

Keep Communicating

No matter what happens, keep the communication open. Tell them you aren’t looking for a serious relationship and keep things simple.

If your hookup lasts for a few days or even months, keep talking and keep saying what you want.

This Isn’t Wrong

If you are all about hooking up and that is what the person you are with wants, you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Do not feel that you are being wrong and that you are demeaning yourself. This is what you want, and you should not be upset with yourself.

Men and women love to hook up and this is what society shows us. If you are around people that disagree with you, don’t talk to them about it but always have respect for yourself regardless of your decision.

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