Is Your Soulmate Already in Your Life?

Is Your Soulmate Already in Your Life?

Soulmates receive a great deal of talk, but many still do not know exactly what a soulmate is in real life. Soulmates are souls that came into creation at the same time. They share a bond so deep it goes further than even the mother and child relationship. They come in many forms, like friends, family, or lovers, but soulmates are also the most challenging relationship you will face on this earthly plane. This is because the bond is so deep and intense, you are consumed with emotion.

Though everyone ‘looks’ for their soulmate, you must be highly spiritually mature in order to actually experience it. There is a unique, distinctive energy around a soulmate. When soulmates are in a relationship that lives in harmony, the created energy will raise the consciousness level of mankind. This is something the world needs immediately. Along these lines, many people are under the wrong idea that once a soulmate has been found, life will be happily ever after. This is not the case for the majority because of the strong feelings that are evoked simply from being around one another. The soulmate relationship can run hot and cold as feelings become overwhelming so the soulmate retreats and then later returns. This can be confusing for those who do not understand what is actually happening. The soulmate may think this is a lack of interest. Below are some tips to help you know if you have actually met your soulmate.

Know Your Soulmate

  • Many experience signs before meeting their soulmates. This may be a feeling of déjà vu or seeing repeated numbers that come in 3s, like 222, or 111.
  • Your heart races around the person for no explainable reason.
  • There us an instant connection, like you have known them before.
  • You know instinctively what they are going to say before they speak.
  • Your dreams are intense right before or after you have met them.
  • When they are not around, you feel like you are missing half yourself.
  • Emotions around them are highly intense and charged because you are vibrating on the exact same energy levels, feeling both levels.

Not everyone will experience all of these signs. Once you meet your soulmate, the real challenges begin with highly charged emotions that leave you vulnerable. The good news is, you will adjust over time even though the intensity remains. If your soulmate seems to suddenly go hot or cold on you, know that it is because they are adjusting as well. Give them the room they need because they will return due to the soulmate connection. It takes time and practice, some people handle this connection better than others. Your soulmate may disappear for a few days, a few weeks, or even a year, but if they are a soulmate, they will return and things will be just as close and intense. Be prepared for this and know it is not your fault, just the way people adapt.

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