Knowing That You are in a Bad Relationship

Bad Relationship

Every relationship that you are in is not going to be a healthy relationship. If you find that you are in a relationship where you are always questioning things, you might find yourself in a relationship that is not good for you. Some people will end up in these kinds of relationships and they don’t even realize that they are heading down that path. Maybe you begin to date someone, and you thought that they were so amazing and then as things went on, you find out that they are not as good as you thought. No matter what happens or when, you have to make sure that you are safe and that you are taking care of you. Know what to look for and when to get out of a relationship that is no longer healthy for you.

Always Taking and Never Giving

Relationships are all about giving and taking and when one is always taking then this is probably a toxic relationship. You should never be the one that is always giving. This can mean gifts, compliments, doing small favors or anything else where you are the one doing things. You have to be in a healthy relationship where there is both give and take and not just take and take.


If your partner doesn’t trust you, this is a problem because there are deeper issues than him not trusting you. If your partner is always telling you that you are doing things wrong or accusing you for no reason, then they don’t trust you. Relationships have to be built on trust and if there is no trust then you need to look at it from a different perspective and see if this is what you want. There could be problems from past relationships that have caused this lack of trust, but it will never work well for you in the future.


Jealousy can be cute when it is something small but when it is always on the burner, it can mean that the relationship is toxic. If your partner is always worried that you are going to cheat on them and you have never done anything wrong, there is a problem. Someone might get upset when you are flirting with someone and that is okay but if your partner is jealous for no reasons, they have to control this if they want the relationship to work.

Pay attention to how your partner talks to your friends. Do they show jealousy when they talk to them? Find out what friends that they have a problem with and why. Do your friends spend time with you and not do anything wrong? If so, this behavior should not be tolerated, and it can get to the point of abuse. No one will have a good time in a toxic relationship and if this is happening, consider moving on.


Arguing is a normal thing here or there but depending on what kind of arguing is happening can determine if your relationship is toxic. People will fight and that doesn’t mean that that you are in a toxic relationship but when you feel the arguments are constant and you have no relief, this is not a good thing. If arguing is a normal part of your relationship, then you need to look deeper at this relationship.

Judging You

Someone that you love judging you can make put you in a toxic relationship. Relationships should be positive and if your partner is always putting you down, this could be emotional abuse and you need to not put up with it.


A person that is selfish in a relationship might be someone that is not going to focus on you ever. They might want you to put in your opinions on things but then never really listen to them. Or they might never want you to worry about your needs but only theirs. You should never date someone that doesn’t care about your needs.

Walking on Eggshells

When you are with someone it should be mostly happy. If you feel that you have to be careful about what you say or what you are feeling so that your partner doesn’t freak out on you, this is a problem. If your partner gets angry, the relationship is toxic. You should never be afraid or nervous in your own home and if this is happening then things are not right.


You should be with someone that is going to support you. Couples are meant to be there for each other through thick or thin. If you find that your partner is not there for you or they don’t care to support you, find someone else. Someone that doesn’t want to be there for you when you have a bad day is not going to be there when something hard happens.


Codependent relationships are never healthy. This means that the other person is dedicating themselves to you without ever worrying about other things in their life. Both people need to have feelings and to feel loved. If you or your partner are loving too much it can create a partner and you might need to speak to someone professional.

Talk to a Therapist

Sometimes in a negative relationship you can turn things around by talking to a professional. Find someone that can help you to work things out with your partner. Things will get better if you can take the steps to fix the problems.

Once you learn something is wrong in the relationship, you need to face it and work on it as a couple. A therapist can help you to do this and help you to fix anything negative that shows up in your relationship.

If the relationship is overly negative or even toxic, you might be in some kind of danger and need to get out right away. You never have to be in a relationship that makes you scared or makes you nervous. No one is in charge of you or owns you and you are in charge of your own wellbeing. Do not feel bad if you have to get away from that person and find help.

There are many people and resources that can help you if you are being abused physically or emotionally. Once you have a safe place, seek the help that you need to be able to move on with your life.

If you cannot get somewhere to talk to a therapist, know that there are people online that are professional and that are there to help you when your life is hard and when you are having relationship problems. There is always help around and you just have to find it. Know that you are never alone, and you are never stuck in a situation that is bad for you. There are ways to get out and to have a peaceful life.

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