10 stages you’ll go through when falling in love

10 stages you’ll go through when falling in love

It is sincerely a beautiful experience falling in love with someone although it can be terrifying and overwhelming at times. You may experience the following things if you are fortunate to have come across someone you love and think you are falling in love with.

 Stage 1: You feel like you are interested in this individual more than a friend.

This feeling usually comes from nowhere. After this kind of discovery, you usually arrange a date, be it drinks after work, or a movie or a shared meal.

Stage 2: Preoccupation

You keep thinking about the individual you are falling for.

You keep thinking about them while drinking coffee or even when at work as you contemplate what step to take next.

You miss a deadline thinking about them especially what they wore last time you were with them instead of concentrating on your tasks.

They will seriously fill your waking thought and might even make it hard for you to sleep at night.

Stage 3: Idolization

Everything they do is just beautiful. You find everything they do completely adorable. They don’t do wrong things, they are amazing and you just want to see yourselves forever.

Stage 4: insecurity and awkwardness

You seriously get involved with this person at this stage, but still, feel nervous to discuss how you are feeling with them. You don’t know whether they think you are a complete idiot since you didn’t spray your perfume.

This is the point where you get obsessed with everything whether you took too long to text back. You feel like they are always on the lookout. They don’t.

They might just be as insecure as you are and you are both experiencing all that just to keep everything cool.

Stage 5: Increased intimacy

Take time to be comfortable with this individual even if you’ve slept together a couple of times. You are likely to become more intimate if you spend more time together. You try getting a little bit closer and share stories about your past.

Stage 6: Exhilaration

In this world, everything is so amazing. Life is just beautiful. This is when your hormones keep bouncing on and off.

Stage 7: The freak-out

This is when you discover that everything is real. The person is special to you and you want them to play an important role in your life and you can be upset if you lose them.

Those kinds of feelings can make people weak and scared and make them take a break to sort out how they feel about the whole situation.

And if the parties affected aren’t being honest about what they are going through, this break can cause problems in the blossoming relationship.

Stage 8: jealousy and possessiveness

These can manifest in several ways. You may not have any idea the kind of relationship you want with that person but you don’t want anybody to interfere while you are not around.

Fear of rejection can make you do stupid things. you might check them out on social media to see whether they are interested in other people. We understand that you are scared, but do not be stupid.

Stage 9: Do or do not

This is the stage where you now have options; whether to date that person or run away. Be brave enough to leap if you love this person and want to cultivate something authentic.

Stage 10: Union

If you have made it through step 9 without having any problems, it means that you and your partner talked and have decided to give the relationship a try. This is nice.

True love with someone you cherish is the most beautiful and fulfilling thing a person can experience in a lifetime. True love is the most powerful force on the planet.

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