5 Steps to Win Back Your Ex

5 Steps to Win Back Your Ex

Love is not easy, and sometime we wonder what it would be like to get another chance with a former love.  Rebooting a relationship takes a lot of work and patience, but it can be successful.  Read on to discover five ways you can get another chance at ‘Happily Ever After.”

  1. Let’s Get Physical

Whoa, not that type of physical, at least not yet!  Romantic attraction starts with the eyes.  If you want to get them back, you need to take care of yourself.  No one expects any one to have movie star looks, but put some effort into putting your best foot forward.  Start by assessing your physical looks and wardrobe.  Now is the time to get back to the gym to shed some weight and get that haircut you keep putting off.  If you have a health issue, work with a doctor to create a care plan.  Check out your closet and see what kind of condition your clothes are in.  Throw away anything ratty, stained and donate anything that doesn’t fit you or seems out of style.  Go with a friend to revamp your wardrobe and create a new style that flatters your body shape.  Finally, treat yourself to grooming by getting your nails done or waxing a unibrow.

  1. Build Confidence

Confidence is a physical attribute that never goes out of style.  The next time you are out notice someone you find sexy.  Chances are you find them appealing in part because of the way they carry and conduct themselves.  To win back your love you need to come from a place of inner strength and not desperation.  The bonus of confidence is that when you find yourself near your love, you can easily eager them in conversation or enjoy the thrill of them tracking you down.

  1. Woo Your Ex

When you get the opportunity to talk with your Ex keep it casual and light.  Remind them of the fun times you had together and even bring back a few inside jokes.  Also, don’t forget to inquiry about how they are currently doing and how great they look.

  1. Enjoy Quality Time Together

By taking things slow and light at the beginning, your ex will find it easier to be around you.  Through a series of enjoyable interactions, you increase their desire to be around you.  As you spend more time together, your ex will remember the fun you shared and enjoy the new memories you are making together.  Make sure to focus on the positives and keep things are light-hearted as possible to avoid your ex remembering why you both split up the first time around.

  1. Be Honest

If you still want to get back together you must be upfront with your ex.  By being sincere with your attempt at romantic reconciliation you can make sure your ex isn’t keeping you in the friend zone or worse, about to break your heart again.  Accept that you cannot force them to reignite your live and regardless of the outcome you have grown as a person.

If you ex is adamant that there is no romantic future for you, reassess your feelings for them.  You can still be friends or friendly around each other, but you deserve to the love you crave.  By doing the hard work to lay the foundation of love, you may discover a better person is suited to be your life partner.  You are responsible for creating happiness and fulfillment in your life.

It is hard work to reignite love with an ex.  Although success can never be assured, the most import component is that you are able to grow as a person.  With your new look and wardrobe, you can attract more potential suitors.  Through better dialogue with your emotions you can better understand what is import for you in your next relationship.  Finally, by building love and confidence within yourself you can better your chances at having a healthy romance in the future.  Remember you need to find peace with yourself to enjoy life, love is merely an exciting bonus.

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