Signs that your partner is no longer happy in your relationship

Signs that your partner is no longer happy in your relationship
  1. You make several excuses for them

If you always keep saying it’s fine, it’s probably not fine.  Especially if you keep excusing yourself for the behaviors that you don’t like. If the excuses become too much, you should evaluate and know if this partner is interested in dating you.

  1. You always have one-sided conversations

You should be attentive if your partner seems disengaged.

If you are trying to talk to him but he doesn’t seem to give you attention, he is likely to be physically there but somewhere else mentally. That disengaged feeling is already a red flag that something’s wrong.

  1. The level of intimacy changes

People having less sex when in a serious relationship is normal, but if it’s slowing down instead of picking up it means one partner isn’t invested in the relationship as it should be.

That might not be the only reason why they aren’t interested in sex, it might be other factors such as stress outside the relationship. What you need to do is to communicate with your partner.

  1. You are not in his priority list

Working late is normal. But when they keep giving excuses for working late then your partner isn’t interested in the relationship anymore. If your partner has stopped making plans for date nights or just keeping that romantic spark alive, they are likely to be losing interest in the relationship.

  1. They don’t follow up on anything

If your partner had made plans and you are waiting for his plans to take action but he isn’t showing any sign, it could be they are trying to avoid confrontation.

  1. They get angry when around you

When people are unhappy in a relationship, they get bothered very fast making them start portraying their unhappiness. This might be due to a problem they are facing hence the only option they have is to project their anger on someone else.

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