Worst mistakes people normally make in relationships

Worst mistakes people normally make in relationships

You have finally found that person worth keeping after months and years of swiping. Although the early days of a relationship are likely to be fun, these days can also help you understand whether the relationship is in the right direction or not and whether there’s a likelihood of it being healthy. However, you shouldn’t freak out but should take note of the honeymoon phase. Here are some common mistakes made early on in relationships, according to researchers.

Pay attention to them or you will go back to that dating app sooner than expected.

  1. Rushing into love

You are just a week old and already think he is the one. Nowadays people don’t rush into love. You might have great chemistry and connection but your partner may just view you as a short-term fling.

Do not fall in love too fast until you are sure both of you have mutual views about the relationship.

  1. Revealing emotions too soon

Don’t be too quick to relay your emotions to that person. The early stages of relationships are always fun and seem so compromising, you might find that your emotions are too advanced than theirs. Only share with your partner just as much as they share with you.

  1. Ignoring the red flags

You are surprised at how he weirdly checked out the server during your first date which did not feel right but his good looks and intelligence makes up for it!? Wrong. If your instincts keep telling you about something and you keep ignoring it with excuses like you are meant for each other, then there’s a likelihood of a disaster happening soon.

  1. Constantly texting them

Nowadays texting all day is the new norm. since you like someone, its normal to feel like talking to them all day and every time. However, compulsive texting can be a turn off in early dating, it shows a lack of self-control, you can’t live without that person. Always try to go with the pace of your partner.

  1. Getting intimate too quickly

Always have sex when you feel like, however, be aware of the fact that when sex enters a relationship early, it is likely to take control of your emotions.

  1. Being nosy

It is not bad to ask what she does for a living, but don’t go much beyond that. They will know you are digging for financial information when you start asking questions like “Do you rent or own a house”. Many individuals are always private about their financial information and prefer to save that for later.

  1. Being too clingy

At the beginning of a relationship, some individuals become smothering

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