Being Single for Days

Being Single for Days

When you go to bed at night, do not worry about being in a relationship or thinking about times where your relationships have failed.  There are many people out there that see other people that are couples and they feel lonely and unloved.

Sometimes you will be lucky in love and you get to a point where you want to find someone that you can love and that will love you back.  You want to find someone that will only want you and where you can have amazing love.

There are hundreds of people that are falling in love and many more that are falling out of love.  Some people are home feeling lonely and scared and worried that they will never find true love.  There are many people that are looking at other relationships and wishing they were those people.  They feel that no one could love them.

You are going to never be unloved.  You are not a pathetic person and you are not really alone.  When you think that you are failing because you are single, this is not true.  You are just like other people that are waiting for the one.  Stop giving yourself a hard time and stop being anxious to find your significant other.

We need to stop waiting for this and let the universe bring your soulmate.  Stop looking for guys online and dating people that are not seeing your worth.  Stop worrying because you are not with someone and learn to appreciate who you are.

You are awesome and you need to care more about yourself than a boyfriend or girlfriend.  You have spent so much time trying to be who you want to be and you will have more time.  If your friends want to set you up with someone or get you to online date, don’t listen to them.  Wait until you find the person that will see you for who you are and will be there to love you every step of the way.

You are just as beautiful as the married girls and the ones that are engaged.  You are successful and you know what you want in life.

Remember, you don’t need someone to make you happy, you have this on your own.  As soon as you turn 18, shift your goals and worry more about your future.  You will want to meet your significant other and this is part because the movies and books make such a big deal out of it.  The truth is that you need to be happy with yourself and in yourself and you don’t need anyone to make you happy.

Your life right now is the best time you will ever have.  Embrace it.  Don’t worry about what is going on, learn to take care of yourself.  You don’t need someone in your life to make you complete.  You don’t have to be married right now and have to worry about doing a wedding.  Time will allow you to have these things if you take pride in who you are and learn to care for you.

There are many other things that you need to do over falling in love.  Take pride in who you are and work on yourself and wait until your soulmate comes.

Remember, you don’t need anyone but yourself to be happy.  Embrace the times that you have on your own and live a happy and fulfilled life until your perfect person comes to you.

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