Jealousy and Relationships

Jealousy and Relationships

Do you find that you are jealous all the time and it is putting a strain on our relationship?  Jealousy can end a relationship faster than most things.  Love is not jealous and even though it is natural to be jealous sometimes, if you feel that all of your time you are awake is spent on being jealous, chances are you need to take a deep look at your heart.

Relationships take a lot of work and they are not easy.  If you feel jealous all the time, there has to be something else that is going on inside of you to always cause these feelings.  You need to ask yourself why you are so jealous, are you insecure?  Do you have a partner that has made you struggle to trust them or someone that has done something to you that has caused you to feel this way?  No matter what the reason is, something is causing your jealous behavior and you have to figure out what.

Strong Emotions

Jealousy is a strong emotion, but it does not have to control you.  It is hard not to react to this emotion, but just like all other emotions, practicing stopping these emotions can help you to control yourself.  Each time you push these emotions away, you will see that your relationship problems will begin to get better.  You will practice doing this and will learn to control what is inside of you.  You have to make this choice, or it will not happen.

Worst Case

Jealousy comes from being afraid of losing something.  When you think about the worse thing that could happen in your relationship, you might realize that it is very dramatic thinking.  Jealousy has a way of getting in your thoughts and your heart and making you think the worst is going to happen.  What is the worst that could happen?  How likely is it that this situation will happen?  What if your lover or partner chooses someone else?  Wouldn’t you rather know that your partner is unhappy and wants to move on now rather than find this out later?  Letting jealousy go can be freeing for you and your partner.

Stronger Ideas

Find something in your life that will be stronger than your fear of jealousy.  Find a new idea or something that is important that doesn’t even have to do with your partner and focus on that.  Jealous emotions are based on being insecure and when you think about things that are close to your heart, you can see that the jealousy is going away.  This technique can help you to leave jealousy behind.


Having a jealous partner is not easy and especially when there is no real reason behind it.  Being jealous can be extremely hard to deal with both for you and your partner.  You must find a way to work through these jealous feelings and to embrace love.  You will never be able to love as much as you can when you are jealous of things that your partner is doing.  Being jealous is just a sense of insecurity and you have to have a little bit of work and patience with yourself to get over your jealous feelings.  Do not let your love be frustrating because you have a hard time controlling your sense of jealousy.

If you find that you cannot control your jealous feelings, ask yourself why.  See what is going on in your relationship that might be causing these strong emotions.  If you need to, talk to a professional or seek couple’s therapy to figure out where this insecurity comes from.  Most of all, remember that you want to have a happy and self-sufficient relationship with your partner.  Figure out a way to be happy and to bring peace in you and your partners live.

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