Giving Your Boyfriend Space

Giving Your Boyfriend Space

There will be times in your life where your guy will start to act different and maybe even distant.  When this happens, he needs space.  Even if he says he doesn’t, chances are that he does, and you need to let him have space so things do not become confusing or devastating in your relationship.

Men have a hard time dealing with emotions and they will sometimes need time by themselves to figure out how to handle what is going on inside of them.  When he needs this space, the way that you act will decide how strong your relationship is or if you are going to push him away.


Give him space and let him do what he is doing.  Even if he is not texting you or calling you as much as he was, don’t be upset.  If he says he doesn’t know how to act open, allow him to stay closed off for a while and keep being free for him.  Don’t pressure him.

When a guy changes their behavior, it causes you to worry what is going on.  Worrying is different than being crazy about it.  Remember, things change sometimes, and you have to be flexible and learn to adapt to his changes.

If this happens for a long time and you are unhappy, tell him that you see he is being different and see if he needs more space.  Let him know that you are there for him and you care but that you are going to give him space.

Make sure he knows you aren’t upset with him or it will cause him to have more stress.  Once he figures out what is going in inside, he will come back as long as you support him.  Being crazy or pushing him away will cause the relationship to end.

Stop Texting

When your guy needs space, give it to him.  Stop texting him every few minutes and stop calling.  Sending him a goodnight text or a text letting him know that you are there is fine, but do not keep getting in his space when he needs time.

Just because he isn’t texting you doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about you.  Don’t make up excuses as to why you have to text him.  Let him have time and then when he is ready, he will come to you.

Social Media

Stop obsessing over social media and seeing everything he is doing.  If he makes new girl friends on social media, that is okay.  Don’t ask him about it and don’t question if he is unhappy with you.  Let him deal with what he is dealing with.

Don’t stalk him and doing this will only make you feel worse.  Even looking at his social media will cause you to feel pain in your heart because he is being distant to you.  Don’t overthink it and don’t analyze everything he does.  This will get you nowhere and will cause you to push him away.

Let him deal with his stuff and go out with his friends.  Go out with your friends and let yourself do the same types of things.  Don’t post on social media to get a reaction from him or to make him jealous.  Remember, you are giving him time.

Don’t Question Him

Stop asking him why he is acting that way and what is wrong with him.  If he isn’t talking to you, don’t ask why.  Stop interrogating him and stop begging him to answer you.  When he figures out what is going on inside, he will talk to you about it.  Don’t harass him every time you do talk to him.

Stop Chasing

It may feel like the perfect plan, to chase him, but trust me, it isn’t.  Leave him be and chasing him will only make you look like you are desperate.  You will make him feel that he has no space and it will push him away.

Don’t try to romance him or win him over.  Don’t do things to try to get his attention and don’t beg or threaten to go away.  Leave things alone for now and focus on yourself.  Let him come back to you.


You will fear that you are losing him, but you need to stop worrying about it because it isn’t fixing things.  Maybe your relationship is ending but worrying about it will only make you feel more desperate.  If it ends, you will move on and that is the worst thing that can happen.

If he moves on without you, he didn’t love you in the first place and you have to realize its not the end of the world.

Whatever you do, don’t get stressed or upset with your life.  Love is supposed to be fun and to feel good.  If it doesn’t maybe it is a time to take a break.


Stop sending all of your time worrying about him and worry about yourself.  Focus on what is going on inside of you.  While you are worrying about him, give yourself space and find out what the relationship even means to you.

Having time is a good thing and it can allow you to see that a loss of this person in your life might not be the end of the world.

It Will Be Okay

The best way to work through this is to know that it will all be okay.  Keep functioning and working towards making yourself better.  Remind yourself that things will be okay.  If you have to, write it down.  Write down all of the positive things in your life.  Get all of your thoughts down on paper.

Brainstorm what you would do if he weren’t in your life and do them.


Even though you don’t see it now, you will see that things will work out for the best.  Just because he doesn’t work out doesn’t mean that you won’t find true love.

Even if love feels perfect, chances are it wasn’t.  Now you will know that things are for the best and you will move on to someone new.  This can allow you to push back your fears and to understand how love is supposed to feel.  Maybe he wasn’t the right guy for you.

Someday it will all make sense.


You cannot control how someone else feels about you.  The time he needs by himself more than likely has nothing to do with you, but chances are the relationship isn’t the right time.  He needs space, give it to him.

You won’t change his mind when you aren’t giving him the time he needs.  You will never know what is going to happen in the future and you need to push past your feelings and let him see what is going on inside of him.  Maybe it will work out down the road.

Don’t try to force him to be with you and walk away while you can without being too sad.

What Do You Want?

When a guy wants to take space, it means he is probably unsure about his relationship.  DO you want to be with someone that doesn’t know if this is what they want?  Try dating other people and see if he was what you really wanted.  Be with someone who wants to be with you.

If he is asking for a lot of space or seems unhappy a lot, maybe he isn’t the one for you.

It is possible you aren’t meant to be together.  Maybe there is another guy out there that is perfect for you, one that doesn’t want space.  Maybe he will meet a girl that needs a lot of space too.  You are compatible with people for a reason.

Look at your situation and see if you can do better if you move on.


Find things that make you happy.  When you are in a relationship, they can cause you to be unhappy, especially when things aren’t working out.  Learn to find happiness in your life.

Go and find things that you like to do and that make you happy.  Do things that used to make you happy before you were with him.  See if you are less stressed.

Spend Time with Others

Find new friends and family to spend time with.  Let people love you for who you are.  Talk to them and cry with them and tell them how you feel.

When you lose someone, even for a little bit, it can be hard and can cause you pain.  Let your friends fill this void and let them make you happy.  When you begin to get scared or lonely, call them and find people to be around that love you.

Keep Busy

Stay busy and find things to do so that you aren’t sitting around obsessing about him.  The more you think about him the sadder you will be.  Take a class, join the gym, find something you love to do that doesn’t involve thinking about him.


Give him a time limit.  Don’t wait around for him forever.  If he isn’t there and he keeps pushing you away, don’t waste your time.  Give up on the relationship and let him have his time.  Let him know that you feel he is being selfish and that you need a break.

You need to decide how long you will wait for him and if he doesn’t return your feelings, move on.  If you waited as long as you said, its time to move on.  Let him know that you will wait for a certain period of time and then you are starting over.

Try to Reignite

If it has been a few days or weeks since you have heard form him, send him a fun text and show you are still interested.  Tell him you are thinking about him.

If he seems uninterested or ignores you then move on.  Find a fresh start and do something great.  Don’t let him take space in your heart.  Move forward and start new.

If he continuously tells you he needs a break, don’t take him back.  Don’t ask him why and don’t give him a chance to keep hurting you.  A guy who does this does not want to commit to a relationship and is not ready for that.

When you love someone, you want to give them what they need.  If they need space, give it to them but this doesn’t mean that you should give them too much space.  Always have love and respect for your relationship but if he wants to move on, let him.

Put yourself first and don’t give yourself to him completely while he is taking a break.  If you love him and you want to work it out, give him a time and let him know that you will work it out up till that point and then you are moving on.

Have enough respect for yourself to not hold on to something that is no longer there.  He has to come to the point where he decides he wants to be committed.  Let him decide that you are the one and if not then let him move on.

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