Finding Love After the Feelings Have Faded

Finding Love After the Feelings Have Faded

When you fall in love with someone, it can be the best thing that has ever happened to you.  It can leave you feeling great and feeling that the world is perfect.  When weeks or months pass, love might start to have a different meaning and it might not seem as important as it did before.  Some people will let love fade away and then will just break off the relationship, even if it has been years in the making.  Most people though, will do their best to bring back a spark into the relationship.


When you try to define love, that is hard because love means something different to everyone.  Love is something that puts people together and is like a drug that makes you feel high and happy.  Love is both feelings and hormones and can be very strong both physically and emotionally.

Love can put two people together; some are the same and some are very different.  When you are loved, it can be the best feeling in the world, and it can cause you to feel out of this world.  Love can be beautiful and strong and when it is gone or it is struggling, it can be heartbreaking.

Lost Feelings

Everything gets older and sometimes when love gets older, the spark begins to fade, and people start to break apart from each other.  Things that were fun now just seem like a job or boring.  The feelings of happiness might start to go away and then the love that you had becomes frustrating and aggravating.  You no longer feel happy with your partner and you feel that you don’t understand them or even know them anymore.

Love becomes boring whereas before, it was fun and exciting.  You felt lucky to find someone so special in your life and now you feel burdened by them.  You might even find yourself thinking about being in a different relationship or dreaming about someone else and you feel trapped.

Love is Not Just a Word

Love is not just a word, but it is an action.  Just like everything else, love is something that you have to work for and put an interest in to make it work.  You have to make love feel like something new.  Saying “I love you,” doesn’t’ mean you love someone, showing them that you love them is how you make love work.

Making Love Work

When you have been with someone for a long time, you tend to neglect their feelings and their desires.  You start small and then all of a sudden, they are becoming nothing to you and you realize that you have to do something or else the relationship is going to die.

Meaning of Love

As love fades, you forget about what the other person in the relationship is feeling.  If you really love someone, you have to show them that you love them and if you don’t, they will start to resent you and not like you.

You should tell them that you love them, each and every day and give them a hug or a kiss.  Put some type of action behind the words and make it so that you can re-bond with them.

Find New Hobbies

When you have been together for a long time, things might just be on repeat and you might not get joy out of things that you used to feel.  You can change this by finding new hobbies to do together.  Keep the love interesting and try new things.  Try doing different things like going bowling or taking trips to places you have never been before.  Go for hikes or take classes together.  Things just need to be new and not boring.


At first when you are with someone, having sex all the time is important.  You can’t keep your hands off of each other and you enjoy your time in bed.  Now, you seem to have forgotten that sex is important, and you have sex less and less.  Not being intimate can cause you to fall apart and not be close anymore.  Try to find new ways in the bed and liven up your intimacy.  Give sex a new meaning.

Say Nice Things

When you have been with someone for a long time, you forget about the little things.  You might not notice if they get their hair done or if they have kept the house up.  Pay attention to what they do and try to compliment them each day for something that they have done.  Thank them for cooking for you and point out things about them that you like.  Buy them something small and show your appreciation.

Go the Extra Mile

Remember when you first were together that you would do whatever you could do to make your partner happy?  Remember when you would dress up and always put on your makeup, or you would pick pretty flowers to present to them at dinner time?

When you have dated for a long time, you forget about doing little things for them.  Little things can make a big difference, especially when a relationship is fading.  It doesn’t matter if you do something small, even small gestures go a long way.

Keep yourself clean and present yourself to them in a loving manner.  Rub their feet or make an effort to give them something they like such as a shoulder rub or their favorite meal.  Write a letter to them or ask them to go on a date with you.

Improving Love

If you ask a couple that has grown old together to tell you how their love has lasted, most of them will tell you that love grows as you grow.  Love is like a beautiful tree that gets prettier with age or a wine that gets better tasting as it gets older.  When you have a partner that is your lover and your friend, that bond can grow stronger each day.

Even though we want it to grow stronger on its own, everyone has to work on the relationship to make it grow.  As time passes, if you work at it, the relationship can bloom and grow, and it can get better.  It can be a place of happiness and joy, a place of comfort and love.

Learn to make your love with your partner grow and learn how to take care of each other, even as time moves on.

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