Increase Your Empathic Abilities

Increase Your Empathic Abilities

Empathic people experience others’ feelings as their own. Like many things in life, being an empath can be both difficult and rewarding. But a true empath’s heart will always lead them to help others. If you’re interested in centering your energy so you can enhance your gift  and help others, here are six ways to become more empathic :

  1. Trust what you feel.

Empaths need to learn how to trust the feelings and thoughts that come their way, even if they don’t make total sense right away. Eventually, odd feelings or seemingly innocuous words will start making more sense. It’s like the free flow of feelings leads you to an answer. Building empathy is kind of like bodybuilding. You’ll build strength as you practice the process and learn to trust it. Learning to trust your feelings will build your psychic confidence, eventually making you a better empath.

  1. Take time to meditate quietly.

Sitting in the lotus position to meditate is a great thing to do, if you can do it. But this type of meditation doesn’t come easily to everyone, even people who are in-tune psychically. But the goal is to center yourself and quiet your mind. I often say, “Find your zen however you can.” Sometimes just having some alone time can be enough to accomplish this. So if meditating doesn’t work for you, choose something healthy that helps you “zone out.”

  1. Spend some time in nature.

Deeply feeling other people’s energies and emotions involves being somewhat porous and sponge-like. Since you’re absorbing other people’s feelings, it’s important for you to wring out your spongy self, so to speak. That’s why it’s great for empaths to spend time in nature. Literally touching the earth with your hands and your feet to ground yourself will help you scatter the energy that you’ve soaked up from others, whether it’s negative or not. It will also give you the necessary centered feeling so you can do what you need to do.

  1. Spend some time with animals.

Animals help us remember that the only way to live is in the present. When we’re “fully present,” the chatter is quieted, distractions are eliminated, and thoughts can become clear. There are so many emotions and messages that come through all at once within an empath’s head. Spending time with animals helps us enjoy unconditional love at its best, allowing us to be fully present.

  1. Reconnect with your element.

If you know your classical element, then you know if you’re an Air, Fire, Water, or Earth sign. Getting back to your element will connect you more fully to your true “self.” Think of how relaxed you feel you get when you stare at a roaring fire or sit near a lake. Fire and Water signs can relate to what I’m saying! Air signs can open a window or door and breathe in some fresh air, and Earth signs can find peace in walking in the woods or working in a garden. Be in your element and let it refresh you.

  1. Avoid crowded and loud places.

Empathic people seem to flourish in quieter and calmer environments. I’m not suggesting that you become a hermit! But if you’re at all empathic, you know how overwhelmed you can feel in a loud bar with music playing, people chattering, and emotions pulsating all over the place. By all means get out and have fun, but also be sure you have an exit plan for the moment you realize that you’ve had enough for the night.

All of these tips focus on centering your energy. If you’re a highly sensitive person or an empath, and you’re seeking ways to increase empathic abilities, follow these simple suggestions. You’ll realize that centering your energy will enable you to further enhance your abilities as time passes.

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