3 Steps to Improve Your Luck in Love

3 Steps to Improve Your Luck in Love

There are people who always seem to be lucky in love. They always get the girl or guy. They have great relationships and seem to be really happy with their dating life.

Then there is the rest of us. There are people who rarely date and have disasters when they do. Their dating lives are filled with more drama than happiness. They think they are unlucky in love.

The key to turning your luck around is how to look at it. Most people think luck is either something you have or your don’t. That is a depressing thought because it means you have no control over your future. As it turns out, luck is something you have control over.

A news documentary on luck talked to sweepstakes and contest winners. Some of them entered hundreds of times before winning anything. The final analysis is the more times you enter, the bigger chance you have to win. The same can go for luck in dating.

There are three basic changes to make to improve your dating luck.

  • Go to where the people you want to meet are.

Usually this means going to places that also interests you. You will stand a better chance at meeting someone who loves the same thing you do! If you are a sports fan, go to a game. If you like art, go to a museum or take up a hobby in some area of interest. You aren’t going to find a saint in a gin mill, so quit going to places that have no interest for you.

There is a word of caution. Don’t isolate yourself to things you like where it is primarily your gender participating. There may not be many men in a sewing class or many women at a boxing gym. Try to mix it up a little to meet someone of the opposite sex. If you like music, check out a local band or volunteer for something important to you.

  • Be Picky in People.

Not everyone is for you. There are people with a variety of beliefs, opinions and interests. Don’t try to force fit yourself into a relationship that doesn’t have common beliefs, goals or interests. Don’t try to become something else to get someone to fall in love with you. That isn’t fair to them or to you.

Instead, find people who are more like you. That could mean going to church, community events, or political functions that you believe in. These are the huge things in life that people need to agree on before committing to a relationship.

  • Do the Work

You can be in the right place and with the right person and still mess up if you don’t do the right things to build a relationship.

What are the right things? The first step is to actually approach them and ask them out. As simple as that sounds, many people don’t even make it that far. Get over your fear and take the chance.

Get your timing right. Some people scare potential love interests away by moving too fast into the relationship while others move so slow the other person gives up. There are cues for the right time for a kiss, the right time to meet family, the right time to meet friends and the right time to say “I love you.” Pay attention to what the other person says and does to gain information on where they are headed.

As you move into relationships, keep communication open. Be honest about your feelings and invest the time to build a loving relationship. These things will bring more luck in love to your life!

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