5 Ways to Know If Someone Wants to Commit

5 Ways to Know If Someone Wants to Commit

Dating can be fun and casual. However, there will come a time when you meet someone special, so special that it can lead to a commitment.  You may have feelings about that, but how do you know your love interest is feeling the same?

Fortunately, there are telltale signs that your new love wants to take the next step. If you pay attention, you will be ready with an answer when the time comes.

Phone Apps Change

People sign up for various dating apps when they are single and looking. If he suddenly deletes these apps, that means he is no longer looking and feels he is in a committed relationship.

Introductions All-Around

He may invite you to a company party, brunch with his sister, or for drinks with his friends. Those are all positive signs. The ultimate sign of the next step of a relationship is if he wants you to meet his parents.

These are all people in his inner circle and wanting to include you means a couple of things. One, you are serious enough to be included and, two, he wants their opinion on whether to take the relationship to the next level.


Your romantic partner will show they are moving toward a commitment when they start nesting. That can mean several things. It may mean they leave a coat, a toothbrush, or shampoo at your house. It could mean they are keeping their home tidier or opt to cook your dinner. Maybe they start helping clean up your kitchen or take out the trash after dinner at your home.

All of these things mean they are nesting. They are testing the waters to see what it feels like to have a routine home life with you.

Serious Talks Begin

Those who are serious will likely start posing more serious questions about thoughts, purpose, the future, and ideas of what you want as a homelife. They will ask about religion, children, your family life, and many other things. This is how they are starting to determine whether your goals, dreams, and lifestyle fits into there for a long-term relationship.

They Say It

This isn’t a clue because it’s so obvious. Some people don’t beat around the bush. They just come out and tell you they are looking for a life mate. They will let you know exactly what they are looking for and ask if you are into that.

You will have some choices once a person starts showing these signs. The first thing to do is ask yourself if you are ready for that type of commitment. Then, you need to evaluate if you want a long-term relationship with this person. If not, it would be best to head it off before they take mental pictures of it being inevitable. If you do want to commit as well, feel free to send signals back that you’re ready. Be open about telling them your dreams and talking about things like marriage and family.

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