Going to the Next Relationship Level

Going to the Next Relationship Level

Rather you are single or not, dating can be super fun. When you first begin dating, you are very excited and when you date for a longer time period, you  might find that you become secure and comfortable and that you are wanting to take things further. This is really cool when you look at it.

There are some differences between starting a relationship and later when you are in it for a long time.

Meeting Them

When you are single and you are going to see someone you are interested in, chances are you will be nervous and a little scared. Maybe you don’t remember a time when you were ever nervous with your partner, but you once were.

Getting Ready to Meet Them

All of your nice clothes are out on your bed including your perfume and you are getting hot and ready for your date.

Later, when you have been together for a while, you become a sweatpants and tee-shirt girl. You might splurge and do jeans when you go out.

Spending Time Together

When you are first together, you plan every date perfectly. You will want to do all kinds of fun things together.

Later, your date will be sitting down on the couch watching television and binging yourself on pizza.


The beginning phases of the date are when you will hold hands, make eye contact and maybe even kiss. This can be exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

Later, you will get used to farting and burping and you won’t even be bothered by doing it.

How You Look at Them

At first, you will be very attracted to how they talk to people and how they look and their good qualities, but later, you will be beyond their looks and you will love them more for who they are on the inside.


When you first get together, you will not want to be apart from each other. You will love being with them and they will enjoy every minute.

Later, you will have enough just talking for a few minutes each day.


In the beginning, you will have your first kiss and you will remember it. You will also remember when they say they love you for the first time and your first week, month and year anniversary.

Later, you will forget dates and forget things like meeting their parents for the first time and where you went together on your first vacation.


At first, you will be happy to wake up with your partner beside you and you will want to spend as much time with them as you can.

Later, you will be happy when they give you some alone time and you get to go out with just you and your friends.


In the beginning, you will be bothered when you fight, and you will want to do your best to make up.

Later, you might still fight but you won’t even remember that happened a few minutes into it.

Why You Love Them

The best thing at the beginning of your relationship is how new things are and how exciting they are.

Later, the best part of your relationship will be that you can be who you are, and you will not have to worry about them judging you or putting you down.


Firsts are amazing when you are dating but the good thing is that the laters are even more amazing.

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