Signs You are Dating a Liar

Signs You are Dating a Liar

Knowing someone means that you know how they are going to act and what kind of personality shifts they have. You will know a person by their mannerisms and their actions. The good thing is that if you suspect that you are with someone that is lying, chances are you are probably right. There are ways that you can pick up on cues that your partner might be lying to you such as them not being able to make eye contact, them talking faster than normal and them shifting back and forth in their seat.

Dating is hard and when you are dating someone, you want to make sure that you are with someone that is honest with you and truthful. If your partner is always hiding their phone or if they are forgetting to tell you things, you might need to pay closer attention.

No matter what happens in life, being truthful is important in all relationships. You deserve to be with someone that is always going to be honest with you.

Here are some signs you might be dating a liar:

Talking About God

If you have a partner that is religious, you might have them say things such as, “I swear on my life,” when they are trying to hide things. If they do this, they might be avoiding the truth and lying to you so that you will believe them.

Talking About Themselves

When your partner is lying to you, chances are he or she will change what they are talking about and focus on other people in their life. Instead of talking about themselves, chances are they will change their conversation and make it all about someone else so they can take the spotlight off of them.


When you know a person by their character, you can tell who they are how they treat other people. If they want to see someone that is a good person, pay attention to their actions towards others.

If your partner is trying to talk you into something that is not good for you, this can be something that should put up a red flag for you. Remember you need to be treated right.


Maybe your partner wants to have sex and do things that are sexual to distract you from the conversation you are trying to have. Your partner might be afraid that you are figuring out that they are lying and so they will do whatever they can to distract you.

This behavior can happen with both men and women so pay attention.


Liars sometimes will change the way they talk about things. If you have ever been caught in a lie, chances are that you will use different kinds of phrases and the way that you talk will be different.

If you find that your partner is using longer words or refusing to use contractions, they might be focusing on what they are saying so that they do not let their lie slip out.


Looking for the truth is important when you are with someone and if you are wanting to find the truth, you need to ask for facts. Doing this can help you to spot if your partner is lying to you or not.

When a partner violates your trust, this is a big things and this means that they are probably keeping information from you.

If you ask them where they were the night before, if they give you a generic answer, they might be hiding something.

Changes in Behavior

Spending time with someone allows you to get to know their emotions and their behaviors. When you see their behavior change from being normal to acting different, ask questions.

When your partner is always talkative and then you ask questions and they decide that they do not have anything to say, chances are they are not telling you the truth. Since you know how your partner acts, make sure that you are cautious when they change how they behave.

Blaming You

When someone shifts blame on your chances are, they are lying and not taking responsibility for their actions. Being in love with someone means that you should be trustworthy and honest.

Talking to your partner should be good and easy and when they twist everything and throw things in your face, this can cause the relationship not to work out.

Truth Stretching

Seeing that your partner is lying is one of the first things you can figure out. Even if they are telling a small lie, this is stretching the truth and does not build an honest relationship. If you are wanting to be with someone that is honest with you, truth stretching can lead to more and more lies.


When you are with someone, you always know how they act, and you can tell when they are lying. If you find that your partner changes the way they are talking or acting, the chances of catching them in a lie is high.

You need to get to the bottom of what they are hiding and demand the truth out of them.

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