These are the relationship traps to stay away from according to experts

These are the relationship traps to stay away from according to experts
  1. The Manipulator’s Trap

These are people who try to change your thinking and feelings to always be the same as theirs. At first, they are always good but as time goes they start to take control of your life and before you know it you are already trapped.

A manipulator will make you feel guilty of everything, even sharing your thoughts and feelings and will always show you that whatever thoughts and feelings they have are valid. This is the kind of an individual you should stay away from.

  1. The Trap of Emotions and Cheerleader

Individuals who use relationships as sources of their happiness should not be dated. This is what Michael Sama wrote on his blog post site. He says that some people usually use relationships for their emotional gain. He continues to say that if the relationship a person has with himself is not healthy then he cannot have a healthy relationship with someone else. In any case, you feel like you are just being a cheerleader to your partner, it’s time to move out of that relationship.

  1. The Dishonesty Trap

Trust is very essential in a relationship. It is through trust that a relationship is bound to succeed. Dishonesty can impact your health negatively. If you feel like your partner can’t be trusted you need to act accordingly.

  1. Lack of Romance Trap

Romance is something although it can’t be everything. The relationship expert Joshua Pompey says that you should avoid dating people who know how to romance well when the relationship is just getting started but lose it afterward. This means that laziness has started to get the better part of them which it shouldn’t. Although things don’t have to be perfect every day, romance should be there even if it means a little.

  1. The Trap of Commitmentphobe

If he or she is 50/50 about commitment and that’s what you want to do not stay around. If someone isn’t ready to commit to you then you shouldn’t put your life on hold. People who are emotionally unavailable will break you since they aren’t disturbed. You will just waste your time holding onto what’s not meant to be.

  1. The Trap of “It’s All about Me”

The people who always want everything to be about them can’t take care of anyone. They won’t care about your emotions or feelings. They will always want to focus on themselves and this makes it difficult to nurture a relationship.

  1. The trap of Disrespect

Individuals who talk ill or talk bad to their partners are putting their relationships in danger. Disagreeing over an issue and talking about them is okay but handing them with rude words is not good.

  1. The Abusive Trap

Sama says that nobody should tolerate any verbal or physical abuse in a relationship. She says, “Do not allow someone who is supposed to love you to turn you down or continue to discourage you.” your partner should be your number one fan, supporter and motivator.

  1. The Trap of Confrontation and Overload

Fights and disagreements are normal in a relationship but it shouldn’t occur every now and then. Experts found out that those in happy relationships usually solve problems peacefully unlike those who fight and disagrees every now and then.

  1. The Controller Trap

You should stay away from an over controlling and possessive partner. you should have space and do what interests you.

  1. The Ex’s Trap

If your partner always communicates with the ex and you don’t like that it’s time to leave that relationship. This is because the presence of that ex will make it hard for you to enjoy your relationship. This might be a sign that your partner hasn’t moved on fully.

You can take a look at your relationship and decide whether it’s worth fighting for or not. If any of these traps seems familiar then its time you stay away from it.

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