What to Do When You Get Played

What to Do When You Get Played

Being kind, caring and loving, someone that is always there for someone in need, a person that loves no matter how others treat her, is the woman many of us are.

Maybe you will never give up on people that you meet and even when you have people in your life that are going through hard times, you see the positive in even those hard things.

This is a special person, someone that loves unconditionally, someone that will give her complete self to someone that she loves.

Even when you have flaws and imperfections, you choose people to love, just for who they are, and this is a feeling that just seems to come naturally to you.

This could be something that is hard to get rid of, something that is never planned but a kindness that you feel that never ends. The biggest flaw in all of this is that it is this kind of girl that often gets taken advantage of.

People will use the kindness that you have, and they will act like they need you until they get what they want out of her. It probably will not happen just once; it will be someone that this kind of thing happens to over and over again and she will continue to be selfless and kind no matter how she is treated.

If this is you, even though this kind of person is strong, her heart will be broken a little each time she is used, and she hates to be let down. She wants to be with someone that will set goals with her, make promises that they keep and someone that will give back to her.

People will use her and play with her feelings but will never break her.


No matter what this kind of person feels or whoever she has gotten close to, her heart will have pain. She will try to get rid of this pain by putting her own feelings down or shutting down.


Sometimes people will only be good to her because they need her, and they will hurt her. She will stop seeing the good in others and will learn to welcome new people in, but she will begin to lose her trust.

Stolen Goodness

She will never want to lose her goodness but when she gets treated bad, she will begin to feel these things and realize she is getting used.


She will start to change in her life. She will always be the one that is giving and never getting things back in return and this will cause her to become broken and hurt.


This kind of girl will start to build walls of protection around herself. She will stop letting people in her life because she will not want to be taken advantage of over and over again.

She will begin to push everyone away and not let people in.


Since she is in so much pain, she will not be able to be approached. She will become harder to talk to and she will not even listen when people are rude to her.

Losing Her

Those people that are good people will miss who she was because they will lose her. She believes that there is good in people and this cost her a lot because of the sacrifices she made for others.

Her Own Hero

Before she decides to help others, she will learn to help herself. She will learn that she cannot help everyone, especially if she is broken herself.

Saving Her

Instead of allowing others to use her, she will begin to do things for herself. She will find ways to be happy and to grow.

Hard Lessons

Even though she didn’t know what life would deal her, she allowed life to be a part of her. She learned that everyone isn’t good, and that life can be hard.

Pleasing Them

Being good didn’t allow her to find her own happiness. It caused her to be drained and upset. She never stopped giving but she learned to not waste her time.

Standing Up for Herself

Those that used to be good for her are not any longer in her life. She learns to take care of what she needs before she goes to others.

She learns that she does not have to think the same way that others think.

Not All Good

She learns that not everyone is good and not everyone will help her. She realized that even though she loves with all of her heart that not everyone will love her back.

Not everyone will see the good in her and not everyone will accept her, but she will have her self-esteem and her strength to help her through.

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